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Outside Somerset CLassic Motorcycles location
  • Affordable Prices

    We have bikes to suit most budgets and as we are the importer you get the best deal on a bike direct from us. Some of our customers prefer to restore their new bikes and return them to showroom condition whilst others like the patina and originality of our bikes and just service and ride them. Many of the bikes are bought from their original owners from new. We keep our prices down through the volumes we bring in but you can decide what to do with the savings.  

  • Experience and Expertise

    We have a great deal of experience of these bikes, everyone that works here rides a bike and therefore we understand and know well the bikes that we sell. We use our knowledge and experience to select the best bikes we can find in the US and Canada, we reflect far more than we accept. The bikes are checked over, and in some cases serviced, before they are shipped and then any additional work is done here in the UK.  

  • Reserving Bikes

    As you look at our range of bikes still to arrive here in the UK you will usually see bikes which have been reserved. This is done with a £250 deposit which is then deducted from the price of the bike on arrival. So many people want to be ahead of the game that it is not unusual for half of a consignment to be pre-sold. You may wish to consider this course of action to avoid disappointment. Reserved bikes are not available for viewing by other customers once they are here. It's your chance to get in there first!  

  • Why a US or Canadian bike?

    We have found that these bikes are generally in much better shape, far less corrosion and seized bolts etc and that's not a surprise considering the fact that many of these were bought as toys or fun bikes or as part of a collection of bikes right from the outset. A bike that's lived in the UK all it's life could well have been someone's only transport through dozens of British winters with salt on the roads and our damp climate. I know which I'd prefer to have!

Container load of 70's motorcycles

Welcome To Somerset Classic Motorcycles

We are the South west UK's No.1 supplier of great classic Japanese Motorcycles from the 1970's 
We import motorcycles from the US and Canada where they have spent many years sunning themselves, or resting, tucked away in warm dry garages away from the cold and damp of the UK. As a result many of these 40+ year old classics have very little rust and often can be brought back to life with very little work. 
We sell mainly project bikes that require little more than some basic service work like tyres and brakes etc, sometimes a little more and on occasion we can supply candidates for a full restoration. It's up to you how far you want to go, from a service and ride or to restore and show - the choice is yours. Whatever you need there is bound to be a bike for you here. 
If you don't see what you are looking for, please bookmark our website so that you can find us again, we have new bikes arriving all the time. In fact, you can see the bikes that are coming soon, before they get here, and reserve yours ahead of anyone else, just take a look around our Coming Soon pages!