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Thank you for visiting our website and letting us tell you who we are and what we do. We are Somerset Classic Motorcycles. We supply classic Japanese motorcycles around the UK (not just Somerset!).  
We are motorcyclists ourselves and still have a passion for it after very many years of riding. We put all our skills, experience and energies into looking for the best examples we can of a range of classic Japanese bikes.  
We specialise in bikes from the late 60’s to the early 80’s and typically from around 350cc up to 1,000cc. We offer both premium bikes which are typically higher value bikes with a great attention to detail but also everyday classics which are just as useable but may have more patina and signs of previous enjoyment!  
We will always aim for a price that’s fair to our customers and to give the friendliest and most helpful service. All our bikes are carefully chosen, prepared by experts and come with the information you need to give you confidence. 
We can deliver to your door in most areas of the UK, some areas cost more than others so do get in touch and we can confirm the cost, in some cases we can deliver without charge. 

We do not simply buy and sell bikes, we add value. In some cases, this might mean a full service, carbs cleaned ultrasonically, new brake linings, new tyres and a fresh MOT. In other cases this might mean a major nut and bolt restoration involving specialists in their field providing craftsman or engineering skills now rare to find.  
We also offer a bespoke service in which we will make additional changes to the bike at the customer’s request. Rest assured, any bike we sell will have been well prepared, but we always need to draw the line at the point where the general public will not pay for the extras. Individual customers value different things so we give them a choice of upgrades. 
We also believe in looking after our customers and love to welcome them back for their next bike. For those with limited time (or lots of bikes) we offer an annual service and MOT and bike health-check with collection and delivery of the bike. Just because you’re busy shouldn’t mean you can’t run a classic! 

These are motorcycles which have had extensive work carried out to bring them back to a very high standard of finish. They are sometimes referred to as ‘show quality’ or ‘concourse’ but there is no actual definition as such. These bikes will typically, though not always, have had the engines stripped down to components and everything checked and replaced if necessary. Painting, chroming and engine rebuilds will have been done by specialists in their field. Authentic parts will have been used and no time limit will have been applied in the workshop. We  always have a range of such motorcycles on offer.
These are motorcycles which have been checked, serviced, cleaned and given an extensive check of brakes, tyres, battery, electrical system and anything else which needed attention. They will be running sweetly and be every bit as carefully prepared as the Premium bikes. The difference will be that there may be more patina and more imperfections (often dating back to when the bikes were in regular use). They are still very nice bikes and will be a credit to their new owners. We aim always to have a range of such motorcycles on offer.
These motorcycles are waiting their turn, they will be either sympathetically recomissioned and made into great Practical classics or given the full treatment and join the ranks of our Premier classic bikes. 
If you are interested in one of these bikes, you can determin it's future, you can secure the bike with a deposit and then we will agree with you the work to be carried out to get the bike you always promissed yourself, just how you want it and to a standard that you want, everything from a practical everyday bike, to a show standard restoration, it's up to you!
Some bikes are destined to be classics and will represent a great investment and are sure to appreciate. We always have a number of these more modern examples, sometimes by way of part exchange and some we just couldn't refuse due to their excellent condition.
If you like the idea of a classic bike but are looking for more modern features like electronic ignition and fuel injection and more powerful brakes, then look no further, one of these fine examples could be just the thing
Some great bikes that we have recently sold...
News 01
Our Suzuki T500 finally has it's chrome back. It's taken a while for the metalwork to be sorted out and any rusty areas replaced with new steel before being triple plated.... what's that I hear you say... yes triple plated, this is where the metal is copper plated first, then nickel plated and then finally chrome plated, the results ar far better than the original finish
News 02
Every now and then a really special bike passes through our workshop and this GS1000E is one of them.
Everything about this motorcycle confirms to us that this is a genuine, increadibly low mileage motorcycle
News 03
We are preparing to move into our brand new workshop building, not far from the A358 between Taunton and Ilminster. It's going to be a great new facility where we prepare and restore our great range of classic motorcycles from the 70's and 80's. If you want to pay us a visit then do get in touch, visitors are welcomed by appointment only.
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