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This is a newly restored Honda CL360. The bike was already sound when we took ownership of it but needed a good service and new tyres and brakes. The biggest issue was the sun-faded paint so it obviously enjoyed its time in sunny climes. We have had the bike professionally repainted in the classic Honda gold of the time and it now looks superb.
This is an example of the Honda CB750 K7. This was the last of the four pipers and continued to be available after the introduction of the F sport variant with the 4 into 1 pipes. 
This bike had been stored for very many years and forgotten. We are not sure why it's showing so few miles early in its life but it’s a sweet bike with a healthy engine. 

This is an example of the rare Honda CL450. These bikes have established something of a following for those looking for a manageable twin which has a little bit more power than a 250 yet is no bigger or harder to ride.  
The engine has the usual Honda build quality and reliability and we believe that this one has the remarkably low mileage showing. It has come to us as a bike with good compression in the motor and only minor deterioration to the paint and chrome. It is missing a decent exhaust system so that will be an urgent priority. 

This is a great example of the Suzuki GS1000E. We have taken this bike apart and absolutely everything in it confirmed the ultra-low mileage. The bike was pristine on the inside and has been a pleasure to restore. We have been able to retain most of the original bike so this is as authentic as they come.
This is a great example of the Suzuki GT750. Most of the bike was in great condition so needed little to bring it back but the crank seals had dried out so we have replaced those and rebuilt the crank. We can provide evidence of this as this does enhance the value of such bikes in the market.  
The motor is currently being reassembled and then this bike will be complete and ready to be enjoyed. 

This will be a great example of a very useable Suzuki GS1000E. We will be taking this bike apart and building a Practical classic. Nearing completion of a restoration of the same model our team are keen to progress this one.  
If you would like to have this bike restored in a particular way or to a particular standard then please get in touch. If you put a deposit on the bike we will discuss with you the best way to bring it back to what you want and agree a budget with you. In this case the final anticipated price shown above may change of course. 

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