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Suzuki  T500 Titan 1976
Our Suzuki T500 finally has it's chrome back. It's taken a while for the metalwork to be sorted out and any rusty areas replaced with new steel before being triple plated.... what's that I hear you say... yes triple plated, this is where the metal is copper plated first, then nickel plated and then finally chrome plated, the results ar far better than the original finish
Laverda Jota 1000 3C 1977
Every now and then a really special bike passes through our workshop and this Laverda is one of them.
Everything about this motorcycle confirms to us that this is a genuine, increadibly special motorcycle and not to be missed.

Kawasaki Z900 a4
Introduced in 1976, the Z900 followed in the footsteps of the legendary Z1. 
The particular example we have for sale has been completely rebuilt the proper way. 
This bike has been completely taken apart including a full engine strip-down and rebuild using new parts where needed. The paintwork is new and faithfully recreates the Kawasaki original. New exhausts and instruments complete the restoration which takes the bike back to the way it would have looked at the local Kawasaki dealer back in 1976. If not better!
Kawasaki Z1A 1974
This is a brand new restoration of a Kawasaki Z1A. The work has been done for us by Tim Blakemore of Bristol so a proper job with everything as it should be. The bike has been thoroughly checked, rebuilt where needed and the correct parts fitted then a new coat of the most popular colour for this model added. A new sets of exhausts completes the bike. 
Kawasaki Z900 (a4) Just 26k miles
The particular example we have for sale has been recommissioned and partly rebuilt  the proper way.   
Originally supplied in the US, this bike has did not need a complete restoration as it was already a good example. Not concourse, this is a useable classic which still looks fantastic. New exhausts have been added to complete the work done.
Kawasaki H1
The bike was have for sale is a fully restored example in really good condition. It is for riding though and is not totally concours. It was restored in 2018, having been originally registered in the US,  including a complete engine strip-down and rebuild. The paint is new and the frame has been powder-coated. The exhausts have been re-chromed. It runs like it should and is ready to ride immediately.
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