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Customer Choice
We believe strongly in giving our customers as much choice as we can. To do this we offer a range of bikes at different price ranges, including some of the best in the market but also bikes which are restored to be reliable and something to be proud of but not absolutely pristine. 
We also offer the chance for customers to decide how they’d like a bike to be restored such as the choice of colour, level of attention to detail or the upgrades fitted such as electronic ignition. A deposit secures the bike and discussions begin about how the bike will be finished. 
Finally, we offer the chance to buy unrestored bikes from us. These might have come into the country as bikes we see real potential in and which are awaiting their turn in our workshop. If a customer would like to take the bike to make their own project and take away ‘as seen’ then we will be happy to offer a much lower price for the bike. 
We aim to have something everyone, from the home mechanic to the busy people who just want to push the button and ride away when they get the chance on sunny days. 

New Workshops
We moved into our current workshop during July 2019 and this has allowed us to expand the business to try and keep up with demand. We will always be limited by the number of bikes we consider good enough and by the time available from our skilled engineers but we can now operate more efficiently.  
Giving our engineers the best facilities means they can give their best too then we can offer better bikes. We operate on an ‘appointments only’ basis which means if a visitor wants to talk to one of our engineers they are welcome to do so as we can factor this in. 
For our customers and visitors we can provide a great place to see our bikes and can provide hot or cold drinks and a clean and modern restroom (some of our customers travel a long way to see us!). We are fully accessible for disabled visitors travelling with our customers.  
Many of our bikes are stored nearby in heated facilities so we always need to know which bike you’d like to see but viewings are welcome as are people who’d like to know more about us or our bikes. 

You might have seen the (August 2019?) edition of Classic Motorcycles Mechanics showing a very nice Honda CB900 (supplied by a friend of ours from another provider of great Japanese classics).  
What you won’t know is that the bike was restored by our very own engineers a few years ago. What you also won’t know is that another of our directors rode the bike to Ypres in Belgium to visit the Memorial To The Missing (commonly just referred to as the Menin Gate) to pay respects to the fallen in that area who have no graves. 
Seven members of our local section of the VJMC took their classic Japanese bikes on that trip and the event was recorded in Tansha, the club magazine for the VJMC. We’ll happily email you a copy of the article if you’d like one. 

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