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Honda CB175 1970 20070

Honda CB175 1970  20070
Honda CB175 1970  20070
Honda CB175 1970  20070
Honda CB175 1970  20070
Honda CB175 1970  20070

This CB175 dates from 1970, making it quite an early example. We bought this one to offer to our customers because it has great potential and is still very original for its age.

It needs someone to track down some new side panels and we’d recommend a good service by its new owner. It also needs replacement exhausts but these are readily available from David Silver Spares https://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk/CB175K4-SUPER-SPORT-1970/part_28091/

The bike runs well and would make an easy project to turn into something rare and interesting whilst still being a very usable classic. We found this one still being used by its owner in Grand Blanc, Michigan


The Honda CB175 was sold between 1969 and 1973. It had a stablemate, the CD175 which was built for commuting and featured less chrome, no rev counter, an enclosed chain guard and only one carburettor.

The CB175 has a 174cc straight twin four-stoke motor producing around 20 horse power. It is a simple design with two valves per cylinder mated to a five-speed gearbox.

Stopping is provided by drum brakes front and rear and handling is predictable and safe. These bikes were popular in the 70’s with those having just got their provisional license and wanting something reliable but with reasonable performance.

Top speed came in at around 85 mph give or take a little depending on conditions. With a low weight of around 260 lb (120 kg) these bikes are easy to handle and a low seat height of just over 30 inches makes it easy to ride for the less tall rider.

The bike remained in production until it was replaced with the CB200.