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Honda CB350 1970 20061

Honda CB350 1970  20061
Honda CB350 1970  20061
Honda CB350 1970  20061
Honda CB350 1970  20061
Honda CB350 1970  20061
Take a look at the Photo Pack for extra pictures and the Video Clip of this bike running too

This 1970 Honda CB350 twin is finished in Candy Gold and White, a very classic colour combination for the year. This is one of the earliest CB350s we’ve found and is still in good condition.

The bike is showing just over 20,000 miles and was still being used and enjoyed by its previous owner when we bought it. It has had a recent service and this included new tyres, chain and sprockets. The fork seals were also replaced and the result is that this bike runs and rides as it should.

Add to that a recent new battery and the bike should be either a candidate to simply register and enjoy or to carry out further improvements. There are a few small dinks in the tank which could be taken care of or the bike could be left with its patina as an original survivor.

The silencers are replacements rather than the original ones but otherwise this is a time machine back to 1970. It would be a great addition to anyone’s collection or a bike to simply ride and enjoy. 

There's a Photo Pack HERE


The CB350 twin was one of the most successful bikes Honda ever made with over a quarter of a million sold. The overhead cam four stroke parallel twin was reliable and needed little maintenance yet delivered more than adequate performance for a small to medium weight bike.

Power was rated at about 36 bhp and this was enough to propel the 350 to a top speed of around 110 mph. Perhaps not a massive step up for those who had just passed their test and wanted to move on from the CB250 but enough to satisfy an army of buyers who just loved it.

The CB350 had its roots in the CB77 Superhawk and the motor was a development from that. With a dry weight of only around 325 lbs (less than 150 kg) this was an easy bike to handle and ride and provided a four stoke alternative to bikes like the Suzuki GT380 or the Yamaha RD350.

The bike started out with drum brakes front and rear but later versions gained a disc brake for the front. Production continued from 1968 through to 1973 when the bike was replaced by the CB360. Although a great bike in its own right, the CB360 has never gained the following which the CB350 still has to this day.

Honda also produced a four cylinder CB350 but this is a totally different bike.