Honda CB450 1973



This is a 1973 Honda CB450 is finished in Brier Brown Metallic, one of two colours offered for that year. We found this one in Hubbard, Ohio. It is a fantastic place to start a restoration project. It has been in storage since 1999 and has been untouched since then!

Our guys in the US have carefully turned the motor over and it has compression so no drama there! The eagle-eyed will have spotted a couple of parts missing, it has no speedo and no headlight. The US title document shows the mileage at 4,600 which we have no reason to doubt but cannot verify.

If you are looking for a restoration or just an oily rag re-commissioning project then this could be the one. These are getting harder to find so don't let this one go. Just remember, a £250 deposit secures any bike.


The first CB450 arrived in 1965 and went on sale in 1966 and featured a chrome and black finish, in keeping with British bikes of the day. In the UK it was known as the Black Bomber although in other markets it was called the Dragon or the Hellcat. It continued in production until 1974.

It was powered by a 444 cc twin cylinder four-stroke motor, producing around 43 horse power and capable of taking the bike to just over 100 mph. Early models had to contend with only a 4-speed gearbox. It did come with an electric start though. The bikes were well engineered and featured reliable electrics.

The bike progressed through several variants, culminating in the K7 just before production ceased. In 1975 it was superseded by the CB500T which used a motor based on the 450 design.

Product Code 20047