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Honda CB550 1974 20067

Honda CB550 1974  20067
Honda CB550 1974  20067
Honda CB550 1974  20067
Honda CB550 1974  20067
Honda CB550 1974  20067
Photo Pack now added for this bike Video Clip has now been added too!

Honda CB550

This 1974 Honda CB550 four is finished in Freedom Green Metallic and is largely original. The bike itself is in good order and the motor runs well. This is a very nice bike spoiled only by the backrest (this will be gone before it leaves the US) and the exhaust pipe which, although solid, needs to be replaced with a new four into four or perhaps a stainless steel four into one.

We found this bike in Swanton Ohio still being enjoyed by its previous owner. It’s a nice bike if you can see past the bits mentioned which need removing or changing. If you’d like to specify a new stainless four into one exhaust we will fit this for you at cost price to us and it will be on the bike when you take delivery.

The photo pack for this bike is HERE View inside the tank added, video to follow!


The Honda CB550 was made between 1974 and 1978. It looks like, and in some ways is, a smaller and lighter stablemate to the CB750. That said, it has much more in common with the CB500 four which went before it. Let’s take a brief look at the bike itself.

The CB550 K series used a four into four exhaust (very few original exhausts survive but they are now being reproduced) with a trumpet shaped final section (often referred to as ‘tulip pipes’). As a cheaper option to replacing the four pipes, many are now run on four into one systems.

A second variant, the CB550 F, was introduced in 1975 which featured a standard four into one exhaust, slightly less chrome and flatter handlebars. It was sold as part of the ‘super sport’ range.

Both bikes had a single front disc brake and rear drum brake and featured a single overhead cam four cylinder motor with two valves per cylinder. Power output from the motor came in at around 50 horse power and with a weight of over 450 lbs (over 200 kg) this was never going to be a fast bike. That said, top speed came in at over 100 mph.

As is usually the case with Hondas though, the motor was reliable and would run up quite high mileages if looked after. Many examples survive today and are easier than some other bikes to restore owing to the availability of spare parts. Cam chains did suffer if poorly maintained though. Honda electrics are generally good and this was the case with these bikes.

These bikes, along with the earlier CB500 four, are popular now with those looking for a reliable mid-range bike or for those looking for something smaller and lighter than a 750 equivalent. Enough bikes have survived to allow buyers to choose good examples.