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Honda CB750 K3 1973 21008

One owner K3 which runs well but needs cosmetic restoration

This early Honda CB750 runs well and was purchased from its original owner. It should make a good candidate for restoration. It is complete except for an airbox (it has pods installed) and the exhaust system has been replaced with a four into one but replacement four into four systems are available.

The bike was originally Candy Bacchus Olive but has been repainted blue by its one owner. The correct colours for the year were Flake Sunrise Orange, Candy Bucchus Olive, or Maxim Brown Metallic and good quality repaints are available at reasonable money. The chrome will need some attention too but the tank is lined.

With just over 30,000 miles on the clock this is a great candidate to be given a new lease of life as one of the earlier, and therefore more valuable, CB750s.