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Honda CL160 D 1967 20048

Honda CL160 D 1967  20048
Honda CL160 D 1967  20048
Honda CL160 D 1967  20048
Honda CL160 D 1967  20048
Honda CL160 D 1967  20048
There's a Video clip of this bike running in with the pictures too! Don't miss this cracking example of a 1967 CL160 D

This 1967 Honda CL160D is a very rare find indeed. Showing just over 6,000 miles on the clock this one is finished is Candy Blue, one of three colours for the year. The bikes runs well and can be registered and ridden, it isn’t therefore a project bike as such. It could be restored but frankly doesn’t need it.

Whilst we normally focus on 70’s Japanese classics we felt we had to acquire this one when we got the chance. It has a rarity value of its own and fits very well into the Honda CL story by being such an early example.


The Honda CL160 street scrambler was an early forerunner of the later series of Honda CLs which extended to a range of motors based on the equivalent CB road bikes. The most common variants are the CL175, the CL350 and the CL360 with an occasional CL450 still to be found.

The CL160 was introduced in 1966 with a claimed power output of 16.5 hp. Weighing less than 300 lbs it had a top speed of around 70 mph but was capable of returning 75 miles to the gallon.

The bike was around for only a couple of years with the first version lasting only until 1967. It came only in silver and black. During 1967 its successor was introduced, the CL160D, and this came in three colours, Silver, Candy Orange and Candy Blue and gained an electric start.