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Honda XL250 1978 Tahitian Red 21003

Original Honda XL250 never restored and low mileage

This is a Honda XL250 trail bike is finished in Tahitian Red, the standard colour for that year. This is a very original un-restored example with a low mileage. The bike will need to be re-commissioned but does have a spark and good compression. There is a little rust in the tank but otherwise the bike is in great shape.

The speedo is showing 10,917 kilometres which is a little under 7,000 miles. The speedo is calibrated in mph as well as kph.


The Honda XLs were a series of trail bikes (also known as dual-sport or enduro motorcycles). They first appeared 1972 and continued until 1987. During that time they went through many changes and several variants were produced.

Up until that time, two-stroke motors had been the order of the day for off-road bikes with Honda bucking that trend with the SL series of bikes featuring twin cylinder motors from bikes such as the CB175 and CB350.

The Honda XL250 is widely recognised as the first modern four stroke enduro to sell in large numbers. When it was introduced in 1972 it received a great deal of praise from the press. Compared to the other bikes of the day it performed well, producing good acceleration from its torquey motor. It was also quite a good looking bike with a purposeful styling and a good standard of manufacture.

Many other variants were added to the range going up to 600cc. Styling changed through its life of course but the essentials remained the same, a lightweight, single cylinder, reliable 4 stroke trail bike which would provide a lot of fun and enjoyment for not a lot of money.

Today these bikes have become collectible, possibly because they were a bike from the days of someone’s youth or because they offer a simplicity and classic styling not really found in the modern bike market. They cry out to be ridden and enjoyed though so we hope not too many will be tucked away because, perhaps oddly, they attract more attention outside the coffee shop then many more expensive road bikes do!