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Kawasaki KZ305 1981 20039

Yes, it's a runner, watch the video clip of it being started and ridden around outside.

This 1981 Kawasaki KZ305 should make an easy project for someone and a cheap way into classic biking. It does need some care and attention and, personally, I would start with a new seat cover.

Light and easy to handle, these bikes are ideal for someone wanting a reliable and cheap to run classic or just a bike which won’t take a lot of effort to ride. This bike is also A2 licence friendly too!


The Kawasaki KZ305 is a four-stroke parallel twin built in the cruiser style. The motor produces around 30 bhp which, while hardly fast, is enough to give it reasonably brisk acceleration and an adequate top speed which approaches but never quite reaches 100 mph.

The motor revs freely, perhaps not surprising as it is taken from sportier models and a six-speed gearbox allows the most to be made of the revs if required. The essence of these bikes was never speed though.

Nor was it to be a Harley on the cheap. It was never a big custom cruiser, it was always a lightweight, reliable and economical cruiser which was easy to ride for those without long legs. Weighing in at around 350 lbs (just over 150 kg) it can be handled by most riders with ease. It should return around 70 to the gallon giving it a range comfortably over 250 miles.

An electric start completes this easy to ride package.