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Kawasaki KZ750 twin 1977 20038

Kawasaki KZ750 twin 1977  20038
Kawasaki KZ750 twin 1977  20038
Kawasaki KZ750 twin 1977  20038
Kawasaki KZ750 twin 1977  20038
Kawasaki KZ750 twin 1977  20038

Kawasaki KZ750

This 1977 Kawasaki KZ750 is a solid example of this type of bike and finished in the dark maroon colour for that year. We found the bike in Bluffton Ohio where it has been left stood for a while by the owner we bought it from.

It will need some re-commissioning to bring it back to its former glory but has all the ingredients of a good bike for the future. This should be a good project for someone looking for a big twin with a lot of character. We have had the bike running and it sounds good, it will need some recommissioning and a new exhaust and probably a rear wheel rim too but has the makings of a really nice bike. A lot of bike for not much money, a fraction of the cost of a Z900 or Z1000 of the same vintage!


The KZ750 (Z750 here in the UK) was announced in 1975 and made from 1976 to 1978. It was quite a different beast to the usual 4-cylinder machines served up by Kawasaki. Instead it was viewed as a larger brother to the KZ400.

Power from the double overhead cam parallel twin was a modest 55 bhp but the bike produced enough torque to make it interesting in terms of progressing down the road and top speed was above the magic 100mph. It was never a high-speed cruiser though and its appeal lay more in those looking for a big twin with all the character this produces rather than a screaming sports bike with 4 tiny cylinders.

The bike never sold in large numbers. Perhaps if it had been launched by Honda or Suzuki it might have fared better but people expected Kawasaki's to be 3 cylinder two-strokes or 4 cylinders four-strokes. A large twin didn’t seem to fit.

All of which is a shame because this was a well-made bike which was capable of high mileages and reliable running. That said, the motor does vibrate, despite the addition of counter-weighted shafts. Riders of this bike should be those who enjoy a thumping twin and want to cruise down to the café or the coast rather then going out on a track-day!

This is a bike which today will appeal to those who like the idea of an old British twin but with good reliability and ease of riding with no vices. Its unashamedly a twin and makes no apologies for its lack of another two cylinders. It thumps and vibrates and it just keeps on going. You either like all that or you don’t.