New Headquarters

On the 4th September we will be celebrating the building of our new headquarters. We are holding an open day with Gina’s Grill and a range of classic bikes to look at. This will be a relaxed day with few formalities other than the official opening of the new building itself. Admission will be free but we may need to limit numbers.

Guest of honour for the day will be Steve Parrish, of 500cc world championship fame and winner of the British Superbike Championship and the British and European Truck Racing Championships. In addition to opening the premises, he will be giving some of his humorous talks and chatting to visitors. Steve will be presenting his talks in short sessions throughout the day instead of one big presentation.

There will be a range of classic bikes to look at and good quality food will be available to buy during the day. We plan to run this along the lines of the regular open days we have. In those, people just ride in on whatever they have, park up on the extensive car parking area and chat, eat and relax.

Riding in and out will be permitted during the day (so people aren’t committed to staying the whole day) but we ask that people are sensible and careful when riding in and out (and other visitors always stand back to allow room anyway).

We will have some undercover accommodation in the event of rain on the day.

We hope to see you there. If you’d like to come, please contact us soon for a free ticket as these are disappearing fast!