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Suzuki GT185 1974 20064

Suzuki  GT185 1974  20064
Suzuki  GT185 1974  20064
Suzuki  GT185 1974  20064
Suzuki  GT185 1974  20064
Suzuki  GT185 1974  20064
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Suzuki GT185

This is a real survivor bike. It is a very original example of the early GT185 and must qualify as the best one we’ve ever had. It has not been restored, what you see is the original bike. This one is finished in gold (blue being the only other colour offered in 1974).

The bike comes with new tyres and battery and runs very well, meaning this bike could be registered and enjoyed right away. That said, it would make an excellent addition to a collection of Suzuki GT motorcycles tucked away as this is one of the models which didn’t survive and is now rare, even in restored condition.

This bike has been ridden occasionally and enjoyed, despite its low mileage showing of just over 8,000 miles. Its previous home was Van Buren, Michigan before we acquired it.

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The Suzuki GT185 was made between 1973 and 1978 and changed little during its production run. One of the more notable developments was the early changing of the front drum brake for a disc brake.

Powered by a twin cylinder two-stroke engine it could reach a top speed of around 78 mph. Power was claimed to be around 20 bhp and a relatively low weight of less than 300lbs meant the little bike was lively enough for those who had just gained their provisional licence back in the 70’s.

The motor features a crankshaft riding on 4 main bearings which meant this was overengineered and could stand up to quite a lot of mistreatment and still run happily. Fuel consumption was around the mid-forties to the gallon so this was never an economical bike but it ran well and provided a lot of fun for its owner.

The bikes were well made and featured an electric start, presumably to keep up with the competition, but this was hardly needed on a small two-stoke twin. The ram air system really did help cool the motor on long runs at maximum revs and the bike was a very capable little machine.

Very few survive.