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Suzuki TS185 1972 21001

One owner TS185 just needs re-commissioning

This is a Suzuki TS185 J Sierra is complete and original, therefore still finished in the standard colour for the year. This TS185 was a “little old ladies’” bike (really). It was hers since new, ridden all over the countryside and after that she put it away for a long time in her garage. It therefore did run when put away but will need some work to get it running again.

We believe the tank is clean and there is good compression. The mechanical bits are pretty clean but bike will need a proper cleaning of the carb, plug, air filter, checking brakes, etc.

Producing 17.5 horsepower these bikes were good for 70 to 75mph. This one is showing a mileage of 7890 and should make a great project to bring back a rare and iconic trail bike.