We've been mentioned in the press a few times...

Here's a bit of light reading for you to enjoy

Classic Bike Guide for March 2021 has a review of the Honda CB500 twin and the Honda CB450 twin. We supplied both bikes for the test

Honda CB500 versus Honda CB450 Review Click Here

Whilst not 'the press' exactly, we supply bikes to the film and TV industries. In February 2021 we were pleased to supply one of our 'reserve stock'. This is an immaculate restored Kawasaki Z1A from 1974. It was needed for an 8 part TV drama in which the main character goes back in time (so the bike needed to look new). Not so much 'Fire up the Quattro as 'Fire up the Zed' (and no, it isn't Life On Mars again).

Suppose, of all the bikes in the world, you could only have one? Tough choice to make eh?  In Real Classic February 2021 our own Mark Redfern suggests the CB750 as his choice of 'the one to have'.

The One To Have Article Click Here    

Here is a review of the legendary Laverda Jota from Classic Bike Guide January 2021. We supplied the bike for this one 

Laverda Jota Review Click Here

Here's a great article from Classic Bike Guide in November 2020, we were pleased to lend the bikes for this article that compares a couple of 750s that might not be your most obvious choice...

750 Road Test here      

Here's an article from Real Classic magazine March 2020 making a comparison of some great 500's from back in the day... ...we supplied the bikes and the words for the article.

Three 500's Road Test

One of our own, Mark Redfern, is featured in this article!

Trail bike Article             

We also get a mention in this Real Classic magazine article as both Mark and Andy went on this trip, back when we used to do restoration work too, now we just focus on importing and selling bikes for you to ride and enjoy or work on yourself.

 Belgium Road Trip