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Yamaha CS5 200cc 1973 20081


This CS3 was the predecessor of the RD200 and came with electric start, this bike benefits from recent new tyres and runs well, as you can see in the pictures, there are some small dents in the tank but still looks great.

The Yamaha CS3 was a 200cc parallel twin two-stroke from the very early 70’s and was produced for two years. In terms of the chronology it came after the CS2, a 180cc bike, and the CS5 which was 200cc but with an upgraded motor. All these bikes preceded the RD series which arrived in 1973 so this bike is the forerunner of the RD200.  

The performance of the CS3 was out of all proportion to its size. It would routinely outperform 250 four stroke machines of the day and could give some larger bikes a run for their money. All this came from a 22 bhp motor in a very light bike. A twin-leading front brake drum as enough to ensure the bike would stop well too. 

The bike came in a choice of Brigade Blue or Metallic Purple. They featured very modern developments for the day such as oil injection and an electric start. Around 5,000 CS3s were made and the majority were converted into racers. Any CS3 is now a rare bike.